Yaandé Isabelle Turpin

Business Designer

Yaande is a business designer with emphasis on communications. She has experience in project management and UX research and used to manage communication strategy, advertising strategy for several clients. She is aware about the challenges around the gender base violence, and the people with disabilities rights. She enjoys the challenge of having to adapt to different environments as it lets her to understand other people better but also herself and discover that she can function in so many ways.

Yaande is easily connecting to other people, she loves working in a team rather than solo because she is a social person who feeds on other people’s energies and ideas, she thinks that when combining multiple people’s experiences and ideas better solutions are created.

She places great importance in working with communities, because she thinks that, it is what makes a product/service/program successful since they are meant for them, they will be the best people to give you feedback and help you create and readjust your work so that they are able to use it and benefit from it. Consequently, she is perfectly fit for working with HCD methods.

Yaande is very aware of what a client needs, his desires etc. For her, it is very important to learn the communication style of the people that you have in front of you as well as really listen and understand what they have to say, so that you avoid misunderstandings and better understand their needs and wants and ultimately have a better alignment.