Digital Transformation

Digital innovation continually disrupts and reinvents the fundamentals of how things work

As with all disruptions, digital has created a mix of risk and opportunity that can’t be ignored. When digital innovation is well-connected to societal trends, strategic imperatives and the needs of people and communities, it delivers impact that transforms organisations, changes lives and powers a more sustainable future.

How ThinkPlace can help

Whether it’s a major change agenda or a critical digital interaction, ThinkPlace can help.

We co-design:

Digital transformations, taking a co-design approach to reshaping business models, organisations and sectors

Digital strategy, charting the future vision, direction and waypoints for organisations as they progress on their multi-horizon digital journey

Enterprise digital systems, bringing case management, CRM, analytics, identity management and knowledge management together to multiply impact and create usable, cohesive experiences 

Service and product experiences that create useful, usable, ethical and inclusive outcomes for people – from customers to staff

Digitally-enhanced regulation, marrying digital and sophisticated regulatory theory to maximise voluntary compliance and enable the optimal intervention

Geospatial systems that combine usability and innovation to foster greater insight, analytics and engagement using the spatial lens

Digital implementation and adoption, ensuring that those affected by digital changes are brought on a journey that readies them for the new operational paradigm

Digital ethics, assessing your ethical risk and opportunity across ThinkPlace’s six digital ethics dimensions, and creating the frameworks, controls, cultures and accountabilities needed to ensure ethical use of digital and data

Digital societal transitions, shaping national digital policy, law and programs in a way that is conscious of societal trends, trust and social licence, sustainability and equity

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