Communication Design

When it comes to creating strong engagement, it is important to know your audience so you can create a compelling narrative that captures the imagination and builds a shared desire for change. Creating powerful communications and a strong brand is essential to make impact.

How ThinkPlace can help

We work with leaders to design communication for a variety of purposes and audiences. ThinkPlace can help design:

  • Evidence-based communication, by designing research to understand the values, language and messengers that resonate with your audiences and have measurable impact.
  • Communication strategies, using narrative framing methodologies to craft messages and calls to action that work.
  • Audience analysis, by using media analysis, qualitative and quantitative research to understand who you need to talk to have the biggest impact and conducting user testing.
  • Factual storytelling, by producing your narrative in different formats – written, visual, multi-media – tailored to audiences and their media and channel preferences.
  • Marketing and branding, to ensure your story is instantly recognisable and easy to communicate.
  • Organisation transformation change narrative, by taking a co-design approach we determine the shifts which necessitate change and overarching approach
  • Road mapping change narrative, identifies the steps required to achieve the change, and linkages to current initiatives underway.
  • Measurement and evaluation, to review of the effectiveness of your communication, identify evolution of messages and tactics, and pivot to ensure your story is being told.

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