Leadership & Culture

Around the world governments, consortiums, and organisations and assembling teams of highly-talented people to tackle wicked problems in high-pressure environments. Many of these teams fail for complex but preventable reasons.

These highly talented teams and individuals tend to be highly skilled with a clear sense of purpose, and push themselves to limits others simply are unable to achieve. This passion can drive people to keep pushing at this intensity for extended periods of time, especially when faced with a grand challenge, such as those in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The key is not to ask a High Talent and Performance Team to stop pushing the limits, but rather to support them the same way you would support a team of astronauts, F1 drivers, or Olympians. We are experts creating genuine high-performance environments, unlocking potential and self-belief, and helping leaders succeed in high-pressure environments sustainably.

How ThinkPlace can help

Whether it’s a full organisational cultural transformation, or a performance program to get the most out of your executive team, ThinkPlace can help with your:

  • Individual coaching to unlock hidden potential.
  • Group coaching to help teams navigate high-pressure environments.
  • Team performance analysis to help understanding why the sum doesn’t add up to the parts.
  • Organisational cultural analysis to understand why things are happening, not just what is happening in your census.
  • Individual performance program to help people achieve at the highest level including across time zones, and on centre stage.
  • High-pressure project delivery to build teams, keep them on track, and deliver results.

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