Research & Insights

To best understand a complex problem, we must go directly to the people who are closest to it and who hold the strongest motivation to address it. Our designers bring deep expertise in qualitative and quantitative research to produce profound human insights. Through academic level research in real-world, rapidly-evolving contexts, we generate compelling insights that inform strategic evidence-based decision-making.

How ThinkPlace can help

Whether it’s a large-scale quantitative surveys or immersive user research, ThinkPlace can help you with:

  • Qualitative research and analysis through semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions that allow us to go beyond ‘what’ and ask why
  • Immersive ethnographic research in which we are ‘participant-observers’ in the lives of your users or customers and learn about their everyday painpoints, barriers and needs
  • Quantitative research and analysis through structured interviews/survey design, recruitment and distribution to reveal a cross-sectional understanding of a specific population or sample
  • Bespoke research tool and technique development that support research with unique, underrepresented, or hard-to-reach target groups and audiences
  • Behavioural research and insights that uncover the underlying drivers of human behaviour, which can be targeted for constructively and sustainably shifting behaviours or norms
  • Social listening, media monitoring and sentiment analysis to uncover insights that relate to your broader industry, sector or geography
  • Rumour tracking, disinformation and misinformation research to uncover the key behaviours that promote false or misleading information-sharing through online channels
  • Social network mapping and analysis that help capture the depth and nature of social ties, important flows of information and opportunities for diffusion through network dynamics.

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