Scaled system change

There’s a lot that urgently needs to change in our world. We need change at scale, not piecemeal efforts. ThinkPlace has been seeking to master design in complex systems for nearly two decades, developing a toolkit for scaled system change that we’ve applied to some of the world’s biggest challenges. We enable exploration of systems through human perspectives, map relationships, constraints and opportunities, and identify viable pathways and initiatives to shift systems over time. Through highly effective brokering of disciplines, rapid sense-making and problem framing, and portfolios of experimentation, we engage ecosystems for change.

How ThinkPlace can help

Whether it’s a moment of support in your journey, or a long-term shared partnership for change, ThinkPlace can help with your:

  • Ecosystem engagement and brokering, to catalyse the different actors in the system, and form and drive high performance consortia and coalitions.
  • System mapping, to better understand the system, its phenomena and constraints and affordances for change.
  • Data-driven decision-support, mixing data analytics and qualitative sensing to generate actionable system insights.
  • Innovation framing, to collectively identify key territories, define problems and surface opportunities to unlock change.
  • Rapid prototyping, to probe and test interventions in the system, taking an evidence-based and evolutionary approach to change.
  • Measurement and evaluation suited to complex adaptive systems, that avoids rigidity, while enabling actionable feedback and assessment.
  • Investment and implementation support to quickly marshall capability and resources to act at the scale needed.

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