Organisation Transformation

Is the way you’re working, working? Big shifts in the workforce in the wake of Covid have intersected with longer term trends towards network structures, agile processes and collaborative innovation the norm. New technologies have changed the affordances for how we work, and spaces, processes, and culture are continually adapting. Meanwhile, trust, clear communication

How ThinkPlace can help

Whether your organisation is seeking to redesign an aspect of your operations, or wholesale renewal, ThinkPlace can help with your:

  • Strategy and operating model design, co-created with your team, to provide the direction and framework for your shared endeavours.
  • Governance and decision-making support, including the use of data and artificial intelligence to augment human decision-makers with insight.
  • Human-centred process redesign, to streamline, simplify and rethink how critical work is delivered, in a way that works for the people involved.
  • Agile change services, to provide the flexibility and empowerment for teams to work rapidly and effectively.
  • Workplace experience design, to ensure that your organisation provides a decent experience for staff, making you attractive and ethical as an employer.
  • Culture and behaviour design and strategy, with interventions that can align with or shift the norms, relationships and behaviours that evolve in your workplace.
  • Change management, and change by design, using codesign methodologies to drive sustainable change in your organisation.

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