Regulatory Design

The rules that govern a society go a long way to determining the quality of that society. With a constantly changing landscape of actors, issues and technology affordances, regulators are under pressure to maintain fit for purpose. ThinkPlace combines methods for risk, human-centred, complex adaptive systems and creativity to help regulators shape and execute policy intent.

How ThinkPlace can help

Whether it’s a new potential harm to control or a drive for regulatory efficiency, ThinkPlace can help with your:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation measures, including a ‘security-by-design’ approach that encourages streamlined and holistic redesign rather than simply adding controls.
  • Policy design, to ensure regulatory measures are effective in the face of new threats and new technologies.
  • Citizen and stakeholder engagement, to effectively codesign new regulations that have thoroughly considered needs and perspectives.
  • Strategic approaches to risk, including foresighting a regulatory strategy and framework design.
  • Regulatory insights, to better understand impacts of regulations from people and organisational perspectives, and unintended consequences.

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