Shubaashini Vijayamohan

Senior Designer

“Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?”– Michelle Obama

Shubaa is passionate about connecting with people and empowering them with the agency to impact programmes and policy at all levels of a system.

Shubaa was at the forefront of exploring deliberative and participatory engagement methods in the Singapore public service over the past five years. Her pioneering experience centred around raising citizens’ voices in conversations that mattered to the government and individuals e.g. engaging different groups in society on how to prevent and better manage persons from suffering from Diabetes.

Through her years of volunteer work and youth leadership activities in the ASEAN community, Shubaa brings facilitation skills and is connected to a large network of people in many local communities. A natural conversationalist and servant leader, she thrives when working with people.

Shubaa holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree (2nd upper honours) in Political Science from the National University of Singapore.