Annabelle McDonald

Senior Designer | Kaitātai Tōmua
New Zealand

Annabelle has a passion for understanding people and their ecosystems, in order to design experiences, services, brands and products that have a positive impact. A competent researcher in both qualitative and quantitative methods, Annabelle is skilled at generating meaningful and actionable insights from research. Annabelle is a strong communicator and a systems thinker who can see the big picture, yet has an eye for detail.

After many years working in Marketing and E-commerce, Annabelle has commercial acumen and an interest in supporting purpose-led businesses to succeed. Annabelle has experience in consumer insights research, strategy, communications, and designing customer experiences across both physical and digital channels.

Annabelle has a Master of Science with Distinction in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, with First Class Honours. Annabelle has published academic research in critical health psychology.