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How we work

Clear Intent; we work with you to crystallise the intent behind your change initiative; we get very clear on focus and direction; we drive to define the future to form a compelling argument for change.

People-centred; we shift the point of view to be outside-in — centred on people; we tame complexity by designing from the perspective of people and their reality; we design with and for communities of people; we have empathy for everyone in the system.

Radical collaboration; we use skilled design facilitation to broker different voices and help people to re-perceive the system from different perspectives.  We accelerate results because we help people to work together productively and innovatively; we energise people towards common visions and goals.

Exploration and innovation; we use intentional techniques to foster, drive and engage in divergent thinking; we create possibilities and options; we target our efforts to your innovation scope, from improvement to transformation.

Prototyping mind-set; we make ideas visible early, and evolve these through prototyping; we improvise as opportunities emerge; we prototype test and learn to converge on solutions and mitigate innovation risk; we use prototypes to engage and enable radical collaboration.

Desirability, possibility and viability; we find the critical intersects between what works best for people, what makes the most sense for the organisation, and what stretches and leverages the possible.

Fit-for-purpose process; we target and shape processes and methods to meet the needs of our clients and the design challenge; we approach each task with a fresh perspective backed-up by a comprehensive toolkit of tried and tested knowledge and methods; our methods are disciplined and flexible.

Design the whole system; we take a systems view; we uncover relationships, dependencies and unintended consequences of change; we align the parts to the whole; we design in context and for the future.