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The new government focus that could positively impact all Australians...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has flagged a new focus on service delivery

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison began laying out the priorities for his first full term in office there were some questions raised. 

Where was the vaulting ambition? Where the inspirational nation building? 

It’s there if you know where to look. 

The United Nations Global Compact

Sustainable Development Goals at ThinkPlace

This is our second yearly Communication On Progress Report, issued as part of our responsibilities as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. 

While we are required to communicate our progress as part of being a signatory to this important set of principles we do so with much gladness and enthusiasm. 

How we tipped the rules of HR completely upside down (and you can too)

ThinkPlace staff at work
United States

What if you picked your boss out of a hat?

And what if they weren’t really your boss at all?

It might sound a little far-fetched – Harry Potter meets HR department – but it’s a way of doing things that our company invented seven years ago and which has transformed the culture and structure of our business in ways we hoped for but did not imagine would be so powerful.

What is a CEthO? And does your organisation need one?

Banana peel

It's a big question that many organisations are grappling with: How to be a successful, expanding company in a crowded marketplace whilst also ensuring you operate ethically and responsibly at all times?

During the past decade the idea of taking a more structured approach to corporate ethics has gained some momentum. We now see an increasing number of companies employing Chief Ethics Officers, Ethics and Compliance Officers or even the snappy-sounding CethO.

Creating smoother hospital experiences for visitors

Creating smoother hospital experiences for visitors
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