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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Together, we can create a better future: The UN Global Compact

Our world faces many challenges. Population growth and economic development are creating risks for global health and the environment. Many countries are confronted by political challenges, inequality and social unrest. Globalisation means effects in one location are rapidly felt in others.

Socially responsible businesses are joining governments, non-profit organisations and communities to meet these challenges. They are working to end extreme poverty and inequality, and protect our planet.

ThinkPlace is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The compact offers a platform for business leadership and commitment to improve the world. Its membership is growing.

The Global Compact provides a practical framework for action. It’s Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption are standards for socially responsible work. These principles form a basis for sustainable business.

Members of the Global Compact work towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. These goals provide tangible targets for corporations. Upholding the Ten Principles and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals is not only possible, it is necessary to safeguard the world’s future.

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David Ireland
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Putting the principles and goals into action can make a positive difference

We work towards the global goal of affordable and clean energy. Several companies, including ThinkPlace, partnered with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to create A-Lab. A first for the electricty sector, A-Lab is an inclusive, collaborative space to develop new ways of increasing use of renewable energy. Participants in the A-Lab work together towards an affordable, reliable and low carbon electricity future.

Our work in Ghana has made tangible steps towards improved health and well-being. ThinkPlace, with Grameen Foundation and Concern Worldwide, created a mobile tool to connect maternity care workers in remote areas with supervision and professional development opportunities. These workers are now more motivated and supported in their role reducing preventable maternal and infant deaths.

Recent work in the Asia-Pacific region is increasing work opportunities and reducing poverty for migrants and refugees. Through empathy and open discussion, we helped a regional forum better understand the employment challenges faced by refugees. This led to concrete actions for regional governments and organisations, to develop solutions and increased employment opportunities for displaced people.

A better future is achievable

As members of the global community, we all have a role in building better futures. The UN Global Compact provides practical tools for achieving this. We are optimistic. We can make a positive difference.