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ThinkPlace’s statement of ethics

ThinkPlace works with people that shape complex public systems, to create vibrant communities, strong economies, sustainable environments and trusted institutions. Our projects all have one thing in common: they have a positive impact on the world. 


Co-designing ethical solutions

At ThinkPlace, our focus is on designing solutions to society’s most complex challenges. We do this based on the principles of co-design and the belief that those closest to the problem have expertise, insights and motivation that is critical to getting to the right solution. Harnessing this, we push beyond the acceptable to do what is good. 

Whether it’s a strategy, policy, programme, service or a digital product, our designs:

  • improve things for the individuals, communities and societies that will experience them
  • do not create situations of harm for individuals, communities and societies
  • strive to move the needle on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, in both developed and developing countries


Building ethical insight

We do “good research” – that is to say, research that:

  • is ethical in intent and execution,
  • contributes to a public good outcome, and
  • gives back to the “researched” by making their voice and their experience present at the decision-making table.

When we are discovering or exploring a problem space through research, we make sure that we avoid biases, ensure no harm comes to participants, and use the insights we generate as a powerful intervention in the design process that builds empathy and understanding, creating a foundation for positive impact.


Working with integrity and optimism

We have something special at ThinkPlace - a culture that strongly values positive, ethical impact - and each day we work in a way that honours this culture. At Thinkplace:

  • we believe can make a positive difference in the world
  • we make sense of the world using empathy as our centre of gravity
  • we put in place the policies, training and empowerment needed by our people to live our ethics, not just talk it
  • we provide a platform for our employees, clients and partners to use their energy, authority, talent and networks to make a positive impact

We do not tolerate:

  • corruption in any of its forms
  • the exploitation of people experiencing vulnerability
  • the maltreatment of children


Co-designing with Indigenous peoples

At ThinkPlace, we respect the special rights of indigenous peoples around the world and believe that they have a unique, powerful perspective that should be harnessed in the design of societal systems - both in an Indigenous context, and for society as a whole. We respectfully seek opportunities to collaborate with indigenous communities and where this is possible, work to ensure that they have presence and influence at the design table.